Active Shooter Bill


Call to action! 

We must take steps to protect our children from school shootings.  Of course we hope this will never happen, but what if it does?

Hope is not a strategy.  We need a strategy. 

My Bill – HB 23 – Public Schools - Active Assailant Event Training and Drills – was pre-filed before Session started - had a hearing - but now looks like it may not come out for a vote!

The Bill requires Active Assailant training and drills in the Baltimore County Public Schools, so we can be sure our teachers and students will know what to do if the unspeakable happens.   

Tell your Baltimore County Legislators that you support this bill – our kids deserve safe schools!

 What can you do? 

1. Sign the Petition

2. Call or email Delegate Lafferty - to let him know that you want our schools to be safe and to know how to deal with these situations. His email and phone number are and 410.841.3487.

3. Call or email your District’s Delegates – to let them know how important this is to us! Ask them to ask for a vote on HB23. For our children. . . . for our teachers. . . . for us all. You can find your Delegate here:

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Will you sign?