My Grandfather in West Virginia, became a widower and raised 8 children, he could not read or write. He worked in a coal mine to support his family and eating what they grew. Raised by a struggling, single mom, I was taught at an early age that you can accomplish anything with hard work, dedication and tenacity. Becoming a Father at a very young age, having a child that was very sick with a heart condition, struggling to provide for my family, I worked hard and long hours as a Union Truck Driver. Determined to make a better life for my family I went to school to become a successful Real Estate Agent while still driving a truck and I continued my education to become a Real Estate Broker and Business Owner for over 30+ years.

  A resident of Dundalk and a father of four, married for 44 years, I understand the struggles of the working-class families. Wanting to help my community and the State, I decided to run for the House of Delegates in 2010.

  After the 2010 Election I became even more involved in my community. I have been a community activist fighting for my community that I call home. I was honored to be elected in 2014 to represent my District and promised to work hard and to Change Maryland.

  I ask for your continued support and vote on election day so the progress that we have made will continue to change Maryland and to move forward and not backwards.